A reading list

It seems over the past few months I’ve got asked a lot about what books I’d recommend. Passing on good book recommendations is always something I enjoy and it’s a pleasure to be asked. It got me thinking of how I could put up a list across a range of topics and share that. I was further prompted by Ola Olusoga sharing this amazing list with me.

My recommended reading list is here, I plan on trying to keep it up to date also. I wanted to take away from any service as this list isn’t as much about everything I’ve read as about things I really recommend for everyone interested or working in those areas.

The reading list covers a wide but also complimentary list of subjects and the list may grow. Currently there are books on:

  • Psychology, humans and brains.
  • Design and experience.
  • Community.
  • Business and products.
  • Science.
  • Development.
  • Future thinking, digital theory and open source: a big section but these books compliment each other.
  • Life.
  • Yoga.

Creating a list like this is really interesting to do and I can recommend it, if nothing else it means you have an easy reachable resource the next time someone asks for recommendations.






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