On Japan and of new blogs

I had the pleasure of going to Japan to attend WordCamp Tokyo and as part of the trip I was determined to blog every day. Whilst I posted after, I managed to keep that promise to myself by writing each day in Simplenote thoughts to process into posts. On my return, I created a new blog to focus on the inspiration I get whilst travelling, introducing Travelpiration.

After much nudging by a friend (props Davide), I also have begun a blog about what I eat on my travels. Being vegan and gluten free is an interesting combination when exploring. Veganplore is now where I hope to share the places I discover.

During my trip to Japan I took some time off from work. I got to do a lot of thinking and in writing these blog posts rediscover my passion for just writing again. Writing without caring how the words fall, that’s the approach I have taken in these posts and the freedom that brings me refuels. I feel recharged and whilst still processing the benefits of the trip, I know it’s going to be one that has reminded me of well me. Of what I enjoy and how I should do it more.

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