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  • Look before you work
    I had a Labrador that was fearless about jumping into the water. No matter what body of water it was, she would launch […]
  • My talk writing process
    Over the years, the way I write talks has varied. It’s morphed and iterated to a place where there is a particular flow […]
  • Lithosphere: a theme seed
    I took some time over the holidays to plant a seed and create a new theme for this and a few sites. I […]
  • The start of a block building journey
    Over the holiday break, I set myself a challenge of building an editor block. While I have worked within blocks and the editor, […]
  • Design Ops in Open Source
    This post is from a talk given as part of the Joint Futures conference and is the transcript presented. You can find the full slides here. […]
  • Being Brave
    This post is from a talk given as part of the JS for WP conference and is the transcript presented. You can find […]
  • Thinking back to the role of design in enabling community
    As 2019 begins and the noise of social networks rings in our ears, I can’t but help reflect on the state of communities […]
  • Speaking when you are not made for speaking
    This weekend I spoke at WordCamp Manchester and again feel privileged for every chance I get to have space for my voice. This […]
  • Gutenberg design basics
    Have you ever wondered what something is called within Gutenberg? This guide is meant to help by giving the names and the expected […]
  • Gutenberg inspired redesign
    I set myself a little holiday project this year, to consolidate and create a theme to use across a few of my sites. […]
  • The importance of triage practice
    Every designer at Automattic is writing a monthly design post, this month my post was about triage practice. For me the process is […]
  • Back to Qwerty
    A few months ago I began a journey to learn Colemak. Yesterday I switched back to Qwerty. There were a number of reasons […]

Change only happens in the present moment. The past is already done. The future is just energy and intention.

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