• A new path to explore

    This year has been an incredible ride for me. It looks like it’s not done with the adventure because I am pleased to announce that I have joined XWP as a Senior Product Designer.

    The heart and passion of those within XWP is hard for me to put into words; I am so thrilled to be joining a group of people that put performance and experience at the heart of everything they do. This change will allow me to work on sites implementing Gutenberg and learn how people use it to create with. Not only that, but I feel so fortunate to also be through XWP, having sponsored contribution time. It feels like the perfect combination for me.

    I have created tools and the product for quite some time; becoming part of creating sites is such a positive shift. My passion for Gutenberg and art direction now I get to explore at scale, and that’s thrilling. Not only that, but the people within XWP are each so incredibly talented and energising. It truly is a company where everyone is an expert in their field. I feel lucky to get to work with so many as passionate as I am about this work. I am so excited about how far we can explore the new features in WordPress together on client projects and bring those insights back to the project.

    I couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter in my life, and one of the incredible things that XWP will allow is me time for exploring my projects, so more to come on those as I grow my ideas from seeds. Combining great projects for clients with sponsored contributions and then exploring in my own space is a mixture I feel lucky to enter into.

    For now, I am so delighted to be settling into a new home in WordPress where I can bring the work I’ve been part of creating for so long to client projects, take those lessons back to the product and help improve for everyone. It’s easy to forget what we create for; I look forward to rediscovering that by learning from those that publish daily, use WordPress. This will be such fun, and it couldn’t be at a more exciting time for the project!

    If my new adventure sounds like something you’d want to join in, XWP is hiring – there even is an opportunity to join design right now.