Rediscovering sketching

This week I had the pleasure of attending UX Scotland. During the conference I got to attend an awesome sketchnotes workshop by Dr Makayla Lewis.┬áIt was great to rekindle sketching and I really enjoyed the ‘just do it’ nature of the session.

We were encouraged to spend the next day practicing our sketching and I did just that. I also created a little site to start documenting the process. I really want to work and get better at these notes.

I am using my iPad and Procreate so far, with a Bamboo stylus. I want to experiment a bit to see what works best, but I am happy with my results so far.

I actually found I took maybe more in from the sessions sketchnoting over just sitting there. This having to process to pull out content, really had a positive, interesting improvement in my listening to the talks. I plan to do this a little. I also really enjoyed it.

It was really fun to rediscover and get brave about just sketchnoting.