• WordPress Themes

    I know WordPress themes, so let me help you understand them.

    Theme creation

    Are you looking to have a block theme created? Do you have a classic theme you want to be converted? I can offer a theme creation service that starts from conversion and goes up to complete custom creations. Let’s start talking and see what you need.

    Take advantage of the latest design tools, empower your users and free yourself from complicated interfaces. Discover the world of block themes and native components within WordPress and unlock the possibilities on the front of the site and within the editor itself.

    Why I understand themes

    Themes have changed, which is excellent but can be hard to understand. My theme journey started with Kubrick; I combined my passion for development with design as I explored. After several years creating themes across shops and agencies, I joined Automattic as a Theme Wrangler, and my journey continued as a maintainer for _s, default theme co-lead for Twenty-Sixteen and creator of numerous themes myself that appeared on WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

    As the years passed, I got to co-lead phase one of Gutenberg, the new editing experience for WordPress and then worked on the first version of design tools and theme.json. My passion for themes continued even after I left this role, continuing to create block themes. I now want to share that passion with others.

    Understanding the new theme space

    Are you curious to learn more or want to train your team on block-based themes? I can offer training and even help level up entire units. Just get in touch.

WordPress Themes

I know themes. From making a block theme to learning, I can collaborate, create and guide. Themes are my passion.

With over a decade of experience in default themes, theme review team and creating the design tools used today.

Gutenberg, WordPress

I was co-lead of the first phase, so I have a perspective that can help unlock the full power for any individual and team, from roadmaps to using components, aligning with features, blocks, patterns and extensibility – let me empower you and your team.


I know products. I’ve built them from startups to agencies. I can be your fractional product collaborator.

Some of the things I can do for you include product management, MVP delivery, idea generation, roadmapping, design system creation, product design… and much more.


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