Patience and the art of design tools

I want all the design tools now. There I said it! I want everything today on all the blocks right now. However, I know it’s a process and whilst that knowledge makes me feel and act like a grumpy toddler, the reality is today, some things have features, and others don’t.

Anyone working right now creating themes and experimenting also feels the same. There’s excitement, a desire to push and use the shiny. However, if I think for a moment about the sheer impact of these features and scale, I realise why things might take a little longer. The editor has been around a while now, and we are starting to add things not even thought about at the start. That’s quite a thought to unpack when you realise it.

Many of the directions taken now philosophically were wanted initially, but the how might not have been possible then. To create things now needs foundation changes and then interface. For example, the choice to not bring group flex controls yet. Whilst I want to play with these things today, I appreciate they are being considered, not just thrown in without caution.

The thing is, the editor today is an established piece of software. It’s out, released, and even the plugin is running on many sites. These features being created need space to mature and also people to test. They also need the time afforded to the other aspects of the editor that maybe weren’t so eagerly waited.

This all doesn’t stop me from wanting them; it does help me have patience, though. It makes me excited when I see a PR I can test or call for feedback. It makes me want to write about each new thing I see and shake it out in my own experiments.

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